Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks – NBA

Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks - NBA

Tonight a cross Conference match-up between Mavericks and Hawks takes place at home ground of Dallas Mavericks, American Airlines Center.

Dallas Mavericks are still sitting at the bottom of Western Conference table, with the same record (11-25) as Minnesota Timberwolves. Prior to this fixture Mavericks suffered another loss at home ground against Phoenix Suns, which was their 3rd loss at American Airline Center in the past 5 games. The match did look good for the home side, as they were leading by 2 points by the end of 3rd quarter (72:70). However, Mavericks failed to perform in the last 12 minutes as they let Suns close the gap and went on to win the match with 7 points to spare (95:102). Maverick shot 45.6% from the field, committed 10 turnovers and accumulated 6 steals. Their opponents, Phoenix Suns shot 44.7% from the field with 15 turnovers and 4 steals. Top 3 scorers of the match were as follows; Bledsoe (26pts), Booker (22pts) and Williams (20pts).

Atlanta Hawks are one of the hottest teams at the moment, winning10 out of their last 15 matches and are currently on a 5 game winning streak. They managed to win over NY Knicks (102:98) after OT, Detroit Pistons (105:98), SA Spurs (114:112) after OT, Orlando Magic (92:111) and New Orleans Pelicans (94:99). Looking at their latest fixture against New Orleans Pelicans, Atlanta Hawks were behind by 5 points after the 1st quarter (28:23), which did not change in the next 12 minutes (19:19). The 3rd quarter was the deciding factor for the Hawks win, as they closed the gap of 5 points and added 3 to their lead (25:33). The last quarter was once again in the visiting teams favour as they outscored Pelicans for 2pts, which in the end resulted in a 5 point win for the Hawks (94:99). Atlanta Hawks shot 42.2% from the field with 14 turnovers and 9 steals. On the other side, Pelicans shot only 36.6% from the field, committed 15 turnovers and stole the ball 8 times. Top 3 scorers of the match were; Schroder (23pts) followed by Davis (20pts) and Holiday (18pts).


Verdict & Prediction

This match will be a test for Hawks if they manage to keep their winning streak alive. Looking at their away games, their record is just as impressive, if not more than their overall record. With 6 wins in their last 7 away games they are ranked one of the best away teams. Dallas Mavericks however are not holding such an impressive home record. 3 losses in the past 5 games at American Airline Center is not a praiseworthy record to have. For this match-up I expect Hawks to add another win to their record with at least two points to spare.

Prediction: Atlanta Hawks -1.5 points
Odds: 1.95 Pinnacle