CSGL v Gambit – CS:GO Operation Kinguin

CSGL v Gambit - CS:GO Operation Kinguin

CSGL v Gambit – CS:GO Operation Kinguin
February 9 2016, Online, 21:00 CEST


Today we shall see an interesting match between young and inexperienced polish team CSGL, who will try to win against experienced veterans from team Gambit.

As I mentioned, CSGL are a bounch of inexperienced youngsters, who need time and a lot of practice to improve themselves. They recently removed oskarish from their roster, replacing him with peet, which is a good move in my opinion. He was a good player, but not quite at the same level as the rest of the team. Looking at CSGL recent matches, winning only against Pixelfire, loosing to Team YP and they managed to drew against SK. Not exactly a great performance, but with peet on their team, they might start playing better.

Looking at Gambit‘s line-up, you can see a team of experienced veterans who have faced off against legends. Their team was build around Russian legend Dosia, who played with AdreN and mou in Hellraisers last year. Waylander and Hooch aren’t the best players, but they were both part of different CIS teams. At Cis Minor, Gambit went undefeated trough the whole event(they won against Method, Rebels and eXplosive) and at the end they won 30k USD and a spot in the MLG Columbus Qualifier.

This might be a tight match, but given Gambit’s experience, they should prevail against young and inexperienced CSGL. I recommend a small stake bet on Gambit.


Prediction: Gambit to win
Odds: 1.50 – 1.80


Probable line-ups:
CSGL: peet(he might be replaced with MINISE), MICHU, mouz, innocent, SZPERO
Gambit: Dosia, hooch, AdreN, mou, wayLander




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