cs_summit 7 Outright Betting Preview and Day 1 Predictions

cs_summit 7 Outright Betting Preview and Day 1 Predictions

cs_summit 7 Outright Betting Preview and Day 1 Predictions

cs_summit 7 Outright Betting Preview and Day 1 Predictions

We won’t be sending out any premium bets for this tournament, largely because these cs_summit events are not considered as a serious type of tournaments (apart from the RMR one). Adding to that, cs_summit 7 will be the first tournament after the break, where many teams will try out their new rosters.

Regardless, we have put together a few outright bets that should be considered, even though neither will be a part of our premium membership nor will we post them on BetMarkets.

Heroic enter this tournament as the favorites (3.36) which seems about fair considering they are the strongest team here. That said, I am not a big fan of betting on the tournament favorites, especially in the first tournaments after long breaks, where we usually see plenty of upsets.

FURIA are priced above OG and Virtus.pro, which doesn’t make much sense to me as they are playing with a rookie Lucas “honda” Cano, which is obviously not ideal. On a more positive note, FURIA did OK at the BLAST Premier Global Final 2020, where they took maps off Evil Geniuses and G2 Esports and they might have a slight edge over other teams due to having played at least a few maps this week. I’m not sure whether that will be enough for a title-winning run though.

OG and Virtus.pro are two teams I am willing to throw some money on. OG have been playing well before the player break, whereas Virtus.pro have won two similar-quality events (DreamHack Open December 2020 and Flashpoint 2) not too long ago, so they should do fine here as well.

Mousesports and FaZe Clan are the only two teams that have pending roster changes, so it’s likely that morale is not that high, which leads me to believe their players won’t be fully focused on winning the title. They can go all the way, but I wouldn’t rank their chances very high.

Fnatic were struggling during the online era of CS and now they are entering their first tournament of the 2021 season with a rookie player instead of flusha, which doesn’t help their cause.

Complexity might actually be a dark horse to win the tournament, even though I’m not particularly impressed with their stand-in Jakob “JUGi” Hansen. On a more positive note, Complexity are in the group with fnatic and Dignitas, so they should at least have a fairly easy time making it out of the group stage. They also did well at the BLAST Premier Global Final 2020.

Cloud9 recently parted ways with Özgür “woxic” Eker and their head coach, so I don’t expect a lot from them. MiBR are a completely new team comprised of ex-BOOM Esports players, whereas I have nothing good to say about Dignitas, so I won’t say anything at all.

CS_summit 7 feels very open, so a couple of longshot bets with a low stake are the best way to approach betting on this tournament. Two small bets for me.

Prediction: OG to win, 6.21 at Pinnacle
Prediction: Virtus.pro to win, 7.23 at Pinnacle

Now for our cs_summit 7 Round One betting previews and tips


cs_summit 7 Round One Betting Previews and Predictions


OG vs Dignitas

OG’s last tournament before the player break was the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals, where they lost both of their bouts against BIG and FURIA. Prior to that, OG also attended Flashpoint 2, where they made it to the grand finals but lost to Virtus.pro.

OG have been on the rise for the last couple of months, but they are also known to choke in crucial maps, as seen in their results which show OG lose a lot of close maps. Nevertheless, they’re now set to face Dignitas, who are a complete mess and struggle to win games even against second and third-tier teams.

I can give DIG some props for fielding a nice mix of veteran and young players, but they have yet to show anything that would make me excited about them. OG to crush Dignitas 2-0!

Prediction: OG -1.50 Maps, 1.636 at Pinnacle


Fnatic vs Complexity

Fnatic enter this match as the favorites, which is a little surprising to see. One big reason why I am not particularly interested in Fnatic is their obvious struggles in the online era of CS on top of the fact that they’re now fielding a new player who has zero experience playing at this level.

This match seems like a complete coin-toss, but Complexity at least have some matches on the record in 2021 from BLAST Global Finals 2020. They were not particularly successful at BLAST, but Complexity got a chance to warm up which is a plus. Value on Complexity.

Prediction: Complexity to win, 2.01 at Pinnacle


FaZe vs mousesports

This match seems very similar to the one above in a way that it’s a complete coin-toss. What’s more, both teams have some roster changes in the pipeline, so it’s not like either side will be overly motivated to perform well.

Prediction: FaZe to win, 2.13 at Pinnacle


Heroic vs MIBR

A lot of people will be expecting a clean 2-0 victory for Heroic, so this is a bet you should probably avoid. These two squads have completely different competitive backgrounds, with Heroic playing at the highest level of CS for the last couple of months, whereas MiBR (ex-BOOM roster) have been mostly playing against South American second-tier squads, making this their debut match against an EU team.

This will mark the first bout after the player’s break for both sides, which is why we expect some rust and a bit shakier performance. Heroic will likely underestimate MiBR, whereas the Brazilians will be highly motivated to prove to everyone they’re the real deal. MIBR to cause an upset!

Prediction: MIBR +1.50 Maps, 2.20 at Pinnacle


FURIA vs Cloud9

FURIA enter this match priced as 1.434 favorites and rightfully so. I would even argue this price is a bit too high considering they’re facing a disorganized young squad..

FURIA have recently attended BLAST Premier Global Final 2020, where they faced sides significantly stronger than Cloud9, so it’s fair to say this bout with look more like a practice bout for FURIA rather than a proper challenge even though FURIA have to play with rookie Lucas “honda” Cano.

Cloud9 have not long ago parted ways with Özgür “woxic” Eker, who supposedly found it too difficult to practice with this team in the late hours despite his salary. Adding salt to the wound, C9 also replaced their coach with ex-assistant Chris “Elmapuddy” Tebbit, who doesn’t have the needed experience to save this team from the hole they’re now. FURIA to win 2-0.

Prediction: FURIA to win, 1.478 at Pinnacle


Virtus.pro vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

Virtus.pro enter this match with two tournament titles – the Flashpoint 2 and DreamHack Open December 2020 – so I am not surprised to see them priced as 1.735 favorites. They’re the second-best CIS team (after Natus Vincere) and I must admit this squad has improved significantly compared to where they were only a couple of months ago.

Their next opponents, Ninjas in Pyjamas never really got their wheels spinning in the online era of CS and the fact that they have managed to win only 22% of their matches across the last three months, hardly convinces me they will shine at cs_summit 7. Having said that, they had to play some very tough matches against the likes Heroic, NaVi, G2 Esports and BIG, and still managed to steal a few maps so things are not as bad as it may seem.

Both sides should be a bit ring rusty since this is their first tournament of the 2021 season, but it’s worth noting that NiP have faced BIG in a showmatch only a couple of weeks ago when they forced a very tight 2-3 series. Despite their loss, NiP played surprisingly well, which suggests 2021 just might be their year.

The last time these two sides met was in 2019 when VP were still playing under AVANGAR, so it’s hard to take anything from that bout. Even though VP looked better than NiP throughout 2020, this match looks like a complete coin toss, so value should lie with Ninjas.

Prediction: Ninjas in Pyjamas to win, 2.12 at Pinnacle


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