CS_Summit 2 – CSGO Betting Preview and Predictions

CS_Summit 2 - CSGO Betting Preview and Predictions

CS_Summit 2 - CSGO Betting Preview and Predictions

CS_Summit 2 – CSGO Betting Preview and Predictions

CS_Summit 2 is the second CSGO event hosted by the Beyond the Summit, with a prize pool of $150,000 USD. The tournament will start on 8.2.2018 and will take place at the Summit House in the Los Angles, California.

Seven of the eight teams were invited to the tournament, while the eight spot was reserved for the winner of the LOOT.BET Cup 2. Mousesports and Optic Gaming withdrew from the tournament and were replaced by Heroic(second place at LOOT.BET Cup2) and Torqued(invited).

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Same as last year’s tournament, there will be no group stage and the tournament will begin with 4 matches in the upper bracket with losers going to the lower bracket and winners will advance to the semifinals. Matches will be played in a BO3 format, while the grand finals will be played in a Best of Five format.

CS_Summit 2 - CSGO Betting Preview and Predictions
Our predictions for the upper bracket

If we take a quick look at the Outright markets, we can see that SK Gaming are priced as a favourite around 2.20, which seems about right. They made it to the quarterfinals in the recent major with a stand-in, keeping their Legends status for the next Major. They also won this tournament last year and they should be coming into the tournament in good spirit.

Cloud9 are priced around 3.36 for an outright win, which is reasonable as they just won a Major couple weeks ago. They started their campaign in the New Challengers stage with wins over EnVyUs, Sprout and Mousesports, thus earning their spot in the Legends stage, where they went down 0-2 with loses against G2 and Space Soldiers. Anyway, they managed to win all of their remaining matches(against VP, Astralis, Vega Squadron and successfully qualified for the Champions Stage, where they beat G2, SK(playing with a stand-in, two matches on the same day) and Faze to win the whole tournament.

C9 and SK both went to the WESG 2017 NA Regional Finals, where they played each other two times. The first match was BO1 on Inferno, where C9 comfortably won 16-2. The second time they met was in the finals, where SK won the BO3 series. They played all three maps, SK winning on Train(16-9) and Inferno(16-6), while C9 took the Overpass(16-10). It is worth mentioning that all matches were played online.

As far as predictions go, I am picking SK Gaming to win the whole thing. They start the tournament with the match against Torqued(ex GX), which will probably be a clean 2-0 for SK. In the next round, they play against the winner of the match between North and Vega Squadron and quite honestly neither of these two teams looks like a threat to them. In the winner’s finals, their most likely opponent is either C9 or NiP and given that all matches are BO3 format, they should be able to advance. In the Grand Finals, they will probably meet with the C9 again. I am quite certain they will be priced as favourites in that scenario, which is completely reasonable. They won here last year, and playing with boltz should make them stronger than C9, especially in a BO5 contest.


Recent roster changes

Team Liquid – jdm64 replaced by NAF from Renegades

Ninjas in Pyjamas – THREAT resigned as their coach, replaced by their former player/coach pita

SK Gaming – no roster changes, although they played the recent Major with felps(as a stand-in) instead of boltz

North – cajunb was replaced by their academy player mertz, while k0nfig stepped down from their active lineup and was replaced by Kjaerbye from Astralis


All predictions

SK to win Outright – 2.24 Pinnacle

North v Vega Squadron – Over 2.50 maps, 1.90 Bet365

North v Vega Squadron – Vega Squadron to win, 2.87 Pinnacle

NiP v Team Liquid – Over 2.50 maps, 1.83 Bet365