Cloud9 v Team EnVyUS – NA LCS Summer play-offs

Cloud9 v Team EnVyUS

Cloud9 v Team EnVyUS – NA LCS Summer play-offs


The quarter finals match is ahead of us, where 2 times LCS champions Cloud9 takes on the newcomers in LCS, Team EnVyUs.


Back in the day Cloud9 was dependent on player Hai, but it seems, that they found a way to get rid of that dependence. The return of jungler Meteos, the new player Impact, emergence of support Smoothie and coach Reapered (former EDG coach) was the right formula for C9 as it seems. But then again, C9 looked good, but not great in the season.
Team EnVyUs is a new team, formed in May 2016 from the ashes of former LCS team Renegades. They did perform well, but did not live up to part with the top 2 teams. Nevertheless, the spot in the play-offs is well deserved. The record of 2-6 in the past 4 weeks is not promising and they will have to show something more if they wish to defeat Cloud 9.


Verdict & Prediction
Cloud9 is a clear favourite in my eyes. In fact I would be surprised, if Envy takes even a point from this matchup.

Prediction: Cloud9 -1.50
Odds: 1.57 Bet365

You can alternatively take Cloud9 -2.50 at the odds of 3.00 .