CLG v 100 Thieves – LCS North America

CLG v 100 Thieves - LCS North America


Counter Logic Gaming come into summer split after a 7-11 spring split, which was 1 game less than what was needed to get themselves into the playoffs. They will hope to improve on that with a mostly unchanged roster, but CLG are well aware the mountain ahead of them will be a hard one to climb on. As an organization who added a new coach and a new midlaner CLG fans hoped their favourite team will finally get themselves in the playoffs after 2 long years, but as we know, were left disappointed once more. There is no clear answer when we try to figure out what exactly is wrong with the team and what hinders their chances of finishing in the playoffs. Still, they are determined to find out and fix anything they can, which they hope they achieved by making a roster change, swapping Ruin for Darshan in addition to changing up their strategy from spring split. With a new look and new approach CLG aim for nothing less than playoffs, which only barely slipped away from the in spring, but first they need to face off against 100 Thieves, who have a lot to prove heading into summer split.


100 Thieves had a stressful spring split, where they finished 4-12 and at the bottom of the table. This alone wouldn’t be surprising if we were not talking about the finalists of the previous year. With a result like the one 100 Thieves put up in spring split, it’s understandable they made a few changes to avoid another disappointment. 100 Thieves added “Amazing” to the team, a highly experienced veteran player, who will look over the team from the jungle. Additionally, 100 Thieves decided to move Max “Soligo” Soong from their academy to mid lane. While he is not a veteran player like Amazing, nor is he a well-known player, Soligo proved his worth and seems like the right pick for the team in the long run.


Counter Logic Gaming struggled to perform in the spring split, despite several good players in their roster. CLG and their result are really a mystery to me, as they look good on the paper, but are very inconsistent. One day they play well, with excellent micro and macro play, the other day they play like a 2nd tier team with no clear macro play goal. Something is not working in the team, and while we do not know for sure what that is, we know that CLG’s performances are all over the place. They have got another chance to prove themselves in the summer split, when they will face off against the worst team of the spring split, 100 Thieves. While we can not deny 100 Thieves finished spring spit dead last, they made the right decision when they brought in “Amazing” to the team. As a veteran player, he will be a huge addition to the team, and if he can find synergy with Aphromoo, who is an excellent shot caller, I would not be surprised if 100 Thieves return to their former glory sooner or later.


With most lanes looking 50/50, the CLG v 100 Thieves match will end up being decided in the bottom lane, where I personally believe 100 Thieves have an edge. Aphromoo and Bang proved before they’re an excellent duo, and taking into consideration they are in an excellent form, we can safely say the bottom lane will be onesided for the Thieves.


Prediction: 100 Thieves to win
Odds: 1.98 Pinnacle