China v Australia – Basketball Olympics 2016

China v Australia

Everyone who following basketball matches in Rio was most likely surprised by good performance of Australia against the USA. In fact, Australia almost got a win over their opponents, but USA ended the match with a strong finish, winning the match with 10 points to spare. Mills P. was playing very good, scoring 30 points and was nearly unstoppable in the 1st half, and he was a huge contributor for Australian lead going into 2nd half (54:49). If he can repeat his performance today, I don’t believe China will have any counter for him. I think most people would agree, it was the closest and the most entertaining basketball match this year in the Olympics.

Today Australia faces one of the worst teams at the olympics in my opinion. China has not yet won a match in the group A. Losing against USA (62:119), France (88:60) and Venezuela (72:68). As the stats show, China is clearly not up to par with other teams. With 2 more matches against Australia and Serbia, I don’t see China getting any W in this years olympics. Looking at a match against France, China lost, despite France giving 23 turnovers! If a team can not capitalize with 23 attacks given to them, they should probably start packing their bags as they will not stay in Brazil very long. I don’t see anything positive in China’s performances, they lost last 8 matches played (including friendlies). It’s clear they are struggling, and much needed changes must happen soon enough.

Australia has a great chance to get another win today against China. If Australians can keep up with USA, who destroyed China (62:119), the result today won’t be much different. That is why I am confident a handicap bet of -25.5 on Australia has some really good value.

Prediction: Australia -25
Odds: 1.88 Pinnacle