Chicago Bulls v Atlanta Hawks – NBA

Chicago Bulls v Atlanta Hawks - NBA

Chicago Bulls v Atlanta Hawks - NBA

Chicago Bulls vs Atlanta Hawks – NBA

The home side, Chicago Bulls who are currently at 9th position in the East with an overall record of 36-39 are coming into this fixture after 2 successful matches against Bucks (94:109) and Cavaliers (99:93). Looking at the past five games they have managed to defeat Pistons (117:95) and previously mentioned teams, whereas they lost to Raptors (122:120)(OT) and 76ers (107:117). Last game against Cavaliers was a surprising win, but then again, Cavaliers are struggling recently and many people have acknowledged that. Nevertheless, a win is a win and Chicago deserved it. Despite going into 2nd half 9 points behind (41:50), they bounced back with a superb 3rd quarter (37:21), when they outscored Cavaliers by 16 points, holding a 60FG% of their own and letting Cavaliers shot “only” 50FG%. With being 7 points ahead of Cavaliers, Bulls managed to hold on to the lead for the last 12 minutes (21:22) and with that got a well-deserved win. Top scorers of the match: Mitrovic (28pts), James (26pts) and Butler (25pts).

The visiting side today, Atlata Hawks are sitting at 6th spot in the East with an overall record of 39-36. Looking at the past 5 games, their record (2-3) is slightly worse compared to Bulls. Hawks lost to Wizards (104:100), Bucks (100:97) and Nets (92:107), but they did manage 2 back to back wins against Suns (95:91) and 76ers (92:99). The match against 76ers was arguably decided in the 1st quarter, when Hawks got a 7 point lead, which they managed to hold on to the end. 2nd quarter ended with additional 2 point lead for Hawks (25:27), 3rd quarter ended in a tie and in last quarter, we could see 76ers winning their 1st quarter, outscoring Hawks by 2 points (22:20). The match did not offer any big turnovers as 76ers did not manage to catch up to Hawks at any point of the match. The result is a fair indicator of how the match was held. Top scorers of the match: Holmes (25pts), Howard (22pts) and Hardaway (19pts).


Verdict & Prediction

The history between these two teams has shown us that Hawks win a majority of the matches, but I do not feel as this will be the case tonight. Both teams are coming into this fixture with two consecutive wins behind them, but winning against Cavaliers and Bucks is much more valuable, compared to winning against Suns and 76ers. In addition, Hawks won their 1st away match out of five played, so it’s clear they do not perform that well on the road. On the other side, Bulls have put up some great performances at home and I expect them to repeat that tonight.

Prediction: Chicago Bulls -4.5 points
Odds: 1.94 Pinnacle