Cheez-It 355 at The Glen – NASCAR

Cheez-It 355 at The Glen

We are 3 races away before NASCAR Sprint Cup Series postseason begins. This Sunday we will have a chance to see NASCAR taking place in Watkins Glen for the Cheez-It 355 at The Glen, a 3.94km or 2.45mile long track. Last race was drenched in rain, so we can expect each driver to perform much better and with much higher ambitions for this weekend’s race. I will mention some of the racers I believe are worth watching.

Kyle Busch

He is a consistent driver, with good performances each race. He can easily win this race, or at least repeat his performance from a year ago, when he finished as a runner up at this track. There might be some doubt about that, as he has finished at disappointing 9th place in Pocono, but as mentioned before, the rain did his part and slowed even the best drivers.

Joey Logano 

Joey Logano, last years winner at this venue is back for another W. Sadly as for Kyle Busch, Joey Logano’s performance at Pocono was a something he would like to forget as soon as possible, but for all the other reasons. Former Rookie of the year spun out of control, with some help from Chase Elliott, who bumped into him. Thus finishing at 37th place. Despite that, we can expect him to bounce back from that accident. He however still finished in top 10 8 times over the past 10 races. In addition, he has been able to finish in the top 10 3 times on this track to date.

Chase Elliott

Despite being a Long-shot in my eyes, he is still worth mentioning.
His “performance” at the Pocono was the same as for Joey Logano, as he also had an accident, so a 33th place is was not a surprise. With a bit of misfortune, he is now on a streak of failing to finish in the top 10 for 6 races in a row. Currently on 13th place in Sprint Cup standings, he needs to perform very well in the upcoming 3 races if he wishes to compete in the play-offs. The downside for the upcoming race is, that it will be his first appearance on this particular track, so we cannot expect a lot from him. Still, his streak of tough luck might turn.

Verdict & Predictions

Joey Logano, currently at 6th place in Sprint Cup Series is a clear favourite for me, and I believe he will finish this race at the first place as he did a year ago.
Prediction: Joey Logano to Win
Prediction 2: Chase Elliott to finish top 10