Champions League

Champions League last-16 draw

Paris Saint-Germain v Chelsea

In the 1/8 finals UCL we have 2 footbal giants who are familiar with each other, the have met each other twice in the last two seasons, where each won once. Chelsea has not shown their true form this season, as they are shockingly 16th placed in Premier League, and just a point above relegation zone. Some think the history from 1978/79 is repeating, when Chelsea was relegated into 2nd tier of English football. If we take this into consideration PSG is a much stronger side in this match up as they are strongly positioned on the 1st place in Ligue 1.

Prediction: PSG to pass this stage with no problem.

Arsenal v Barcelona

Arsenal worked really hard to get into this stage of the UCL and draw one of the best football clubs in history. All in all this is Arsenal’s luck with the draws in a nutshell. Barcelona on the other hand is really strong and they might be the 1st team to defend UCL champion title in the history of UCL. But will they get into the books? We must wait and see.

Prediction: Arsenal will get knocked out once again.

Dynamo Kyiv v Manchester City

City fans seem happy with this “simple” draw, but anyone who knows City’s history in UCL will remember a loss against Dynamo Kyiv in 2011, where the freezing temperatures seemed to help the Ukrainians to win 2:0. Despite that being 4 years ago Dynamo still has a decent team who should not be underestimated.

Prediction: City to win.

Ghent v Wolfsburg

This match up is not considered one of the most interesting in knockout stage, but it’s far from that. For both of the teams reaching this stage of the UCL is an accomplishment and will want to go even further by wining this. Ghent surprised us with his performance by defeating bot Valencia and Lyon. Seeing a team who is not well known in such a big competition defeating star teams such as Lyon and Valencia remembers us that everything can happen in a game of football. Wolfsburg is still a better team in this case, even though they “lost” Kevin De Bruyne to MCU.

Prediction: Wolfsburg to advance.

Roma v Real Madrid

Everyone is talking about Reals’ loss against Barcelona, and justifying that shows bad form of Real Madrid players, so they “will loose against Roma”. Still we can not forget Real is still one of the best teams in the world at the moment, and Barcelona won simply by their superior form and team. Even though Real Madrid’s form is not on the top, Roma is not a real hazard for Real.

Prediction: Real walk by Roma.

Juventus v Bayern Munich

Arguably one of the best match up in this stage. Italian champions will host German champions in this spectacular clash of the titans. These two teams know each other well from previous UCL, so it’s a team with two old rivals. Juventus started off his domestic cup really poor but are slowly improving. On the other side Pep Guardiola will want to win UCL title for Bayern, as he needs to show he’s the right man to lead Bayern, if not his future in this club is unsure.

Prediction: Bayern to win, by a small margin.

PSV Eindhoven v Atlético Madrid

PSV is a well know team at this stage, but they have met their match in Atletico Madrid. Dutch champions will have a hard time against Atletico, who has shown a good form in their domestic league with 5 successive victories and are still in the race for La Liga trophy. Diego Simeone’s team shouldn’t have any problem advancing into next stage.

Prediction: Atletico Madrid to win with ease.

Benfica v Zenit St Petersburg

These two teams already met each other in UCL 1/8 finals in 2012. Back then it was a close match with Benfica advancing 4:3. This time it should be no different, as this is considered a close match, and both of the teams will need to show their best to try and beat their opponents. The second leg in Russia will work in favor for Zenit, as the Portuguese won’t like the cold temperatures, so we can expect a poor performance for Benfica in return match. This advantage can just by the game changer for Zenit, and allow them to advance in the next stage of UCL for the first time.

Prediction: Zenit to advance.

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