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CgmBet System

CgmBet System

Product Name: CgmBet System
Official Website:
Price: Basic – 19 EUR, Advanced – 39 EUR, VIP – 59 EUR (Free version also available)
Money Back Guarantee: 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
Contact: Link

CgmBet System is a software focused on football betting. Its large database consists of 52 leagues, from European to Asian and American leagues. As it is stated on its website, it’s not a software, that will guarantee a success, but it’s rather a software that will provide great tools for anyone with a decent amount of football betting experience. If you find yourself in that description, CgmBet System is worth checking out.

CgmBet System provides a lot of features and data every serious/professional bettor needs. And they do so very efficiently. Without the doubt, one of the most important features a betting software must have is Statistics, a key thing is that it is easily readable and transparent. CgmBet System has just that. It’s simple to read spreadsheet provides all the needed information and more.

In the program, you will find anything from results, fixtures, league tables, odds, teams ELO rating, group v group comparison, team form and much more. All of those features are highly customizable to your needs and preferences.

If you desire, you can also choose to compare teams in “H2H” section with a wide variety of options to choose from. In “extra data” section, you can choose to compare home/away games, shots/shots on target, corners, ball possession, fouls, ELO coefficient and form. There are also many many more tweaks you can add so you get the information you desire such as results from previous fixtures between the chosen teams and much more.

Upcoming games. Surely something everyone checks and why not have it on the same software from which you get your data for further analyzation? There is no reason why this would not be implemented and developers of CgmBet System acknowledged that. You will be able to check the upcoming games for all the 52 leagues with a huge amount of filters which will help you find the game you are looking for.

One of the many features CgmBet provides is also so called “Upsets“. It shows last games, which were considered a “big surprise”, in addition, it calculates a probability of a new “big surprise” happening.

For all the bettors, who swear by betting on Over/Under, you will not be left hanging. CgmBet has got you covered with “Goals” section. In the mentioned section of the software, you will be able to find all the statistics needed for all the previous mentioned leagues.

The site offers 4 different CgmBEt versions. The first one being a free version, but with much fewer functions. You will have access to basic statistics for lower leagues and database update. If you are interested you can check it out here.

Basic plan

Basic plan costs 19€, which adds basic statistics of all leagues. If you do not desire all the features of the software, this may be the version for you, but I do recommend spending an extra 20€ for Advanced or 40€ extra for VIP plan.

Advanced plan

It has 3 extra features compared to Basic version; Suggestions, Export tables, and Poisson calculator.

Suggestions will provide you with betting tips, which are calculated by the system, but keep in mind three things when looking at those tips:
1. The tips should not be used without a deeper analysis
2. Use appropriate money management
3. You may use Asian Handicap in favour of the team suggested.
These notes will be displayed in the “Suggestion” section and should be followed.

Export tables will allow you to export data. It’s a useful addition for anyone who wishes to have all the data in raw format.

The Poisson calculator is a highly complicated mathematical formula, which will show you a quite accurate goal probability per team. It’s a useful feature nonetheless.

VIP plan

When you buy this plan, you will get all the features this software offers. It’s a reasonable price to pay if you wish to access all the features.
In addition to those advanced plan offers there will be 5 more features:
1. Export database in custom format
2. Rating maker; It allows you to make models and systems for predicting and analyzing games
3. Full database access for past years
4. Priority support
5. VIP zone; full database and advices

Keep in mind it’s a one-lifetime payment.

On the official website, you will be able to find all the needed information and answers to all your questions about the software itself.

On the home page you can see users thoughts on the software, which are positive, and rightfully so. I was provided with the software for some testing and I can personally say it provides a lot of useful information for me as a bettor.

All in all, it’s a software worth checking out!