BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 Consolidation Final

BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 Consolidation Final Betting Preview and Prediction

BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 Consolidation Final Betting Preview and Prediction

BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 Consolidation Final Betting Preview and Prediction

After hitting both of our free Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting tips yesterday, we are back with one last preview for BLAST Premier Global Final 2020, where we take a look at the lower bracket finals bout between Team Vitality and Natus Vincere. We won’t be covering the grand finals match between Astralis and the winner of this match, but we have left some notes on it down below.

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Team Vitality v Natus Vincere

Team Vitality enter this match on the heels of a 1-2 loss against Astralis in the upper bracket finals, which marked their first loss of the tournament after they have already beaten Complexity (2-0) and Team Liquid (2-0). Even though Vitality ended up losing against the Danes, the bout was very close as it was expected for a fixture between two of the top three teams.

Natus Vincere, on the other side, started their BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 campaign with a 0-2 loss against Team Liquid but looked much improved in the lower bracket, where the Ukrainian side bested the likes of Complexity (2-1), G2 Esports (2-0) and claimed a 2-0 revenge win against Liquid yesterday. Although NaVi haven’t looked as good as Vitality thus far, they are the type of team that can beat anyone on their day.

These teams last met in December 2020 when Vitality claimed an extremely close 2-0 victory with 19-15 on Nuke and 19-17 on Dust2. To no one’s surprise, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut was the best player of the day with 63 frags and 1.39 HLTV rating, whereas NaVi’s Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev managed only slightly worse marks with 65 frags and 1.37 HLTV rating.

Vitality were priced as favorites to win that match (1.72 – 1.64 opening odds) and even though they ended up winning, the bout could have easily ended the other way.

The French squad enter this match priced as favorites (around 1.60) which may seem a bit low at first glance, but they have been playing well so far this tournament, whereas NaVi were more a hit-or-miss team. Still, the current implied probability for NaVi to win is at around 42% which is slightly too lower than my ratings, so the value should be with them.

We don’t be betting on this match, since we already have a bet on Vitality to reach the finals, which is enough involvement for the first tournament of the season. I do, however, expect a close match and if we will see the same NaVi we had against G2 only a couple of days ago, this should turn out to be a very close match. Betting on the series going into the distance looks like the best bet here.

Prediction: Over 2.50 Maps – 2.11 at Pinnacle


BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 Grand Final

We don’t plan on writing anything for the finals, as we are already too busy with League of Legends, soccer and other sports we cover as a part of our premium membership. Regardless, we will provide some instructions on how to approach betting on the finals.

Whoever wins the aforementioned match will have to face Astralis in the finals on the same day which might introduce some fatigue, especially if the series end up going the distance. That said, both teams have a six-man roster so I don’t believe fatigue will be a major factor although it’s worth noting Vitality are far more effective in using their sixth man than NaVi.

If Vitality end up beating NaVi and secure a rematch with Astralis, I expect a 50/50 bout and considering Astralis already bested Vitality, the French squad should be priced around 2.00, making Vitality a great value bet.

Should NaVi end up in the finals, I believe they can beat Astralis, but only if they show the same form they have against G2. Having said that, I’m personally not too excited about NaVi largely because they rely too much on s1mple to do all the heavy lifting and if he doesn’t show up, I’m giving NaVi zero to no chance of winning.

Prediction: Vitality to beat Astralis in the BLAST Premier grand finals – no bet under 2.01


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