Austrian Bundesliga 2017/18 Round 1 Review

Austrian Bundesliga 2017/18 Round 1 Review

Austrian Bundesliga 2017/18 Round 1 Review

Sturm Graz – St. Polten | Half-time score: 2-1 | Full-time score: 3-2 | Our prediction: Sturm Graz -0.50

St. Polten started the match with an early goal in 3′ by Thaurauer, who scored the second time only 9 minutes later, thus giving his team an early  2 goal lead. But the home side answered with a goal of their own in 16′ by Zulechner. The match then continued fairly even for the remainder of the 1st half.  Sturm Graz came off as a dominant side in 2nd half, continuing to look for opportunities for an equaliser and they got one in 60′ with a 12-yard goal from Hierlander. The match continued with teams both looking for a winning goal. As it was the case from the start of 2nd half, Graz was slightly better, thus created more chances than their opponents. The deciding moment happened in stoppage time when Graz was awarded a penalty kick, which resulted in a goal, scored by Zulj. Pre-match preview: Link


Rheindorf Altach – Austria Wien | Half-time score: 2-0 | Full-time score: 3-0 | Our prediction: /

The match was very fast paced throughout the 90 minutes, however, it was mostly decided in the opening 10 minutes with a 2-0 lead by Altach. As with some of the football matches, there was some controversy in this one as well.  2 of 3 goals from the home side could easily be disallowed due to offside. Despite that. Altach was a more dominant team and arguably deserved a win. The first goal of the match was scored only 45 seconds in by Aigner after a great pass from Dobras, who scored a goal of his own only 8 min later. The early 2 goals lead only contributed to the dominance of the home side. In the last part of the 1st half, we saw Austria Vien having most of the ball, but couldn’t’ find their way to the goal, so we went into the 2nd half with a 2-0 lead of home side. Austria Vien continued with a better performance in the 2nd half but were unable to equalise or even score a goal of their own. In 68′ Grbic scored the 3rd goal for Altach after a great cross from Schreiner. The match was more or less decided in the 1st half, despite Austria Viena having a few chances of their own.


Rapid Wien – Mattersburg | Half-time score: 1-0 | Full-time score: 2-2 | Our prediction: Rapid Wien -1.00

As it was expected, Rapid Wien started the match as a stronger team, which was expected, to be fair. In 24′ one of the key incidents happened, when Joelinton got a red card due to his response to being fouled by Novak, by kicking him. However, this incident resulted in a goal for Rapid Wien, when the ball bounced off the wall. 2nd goal for Rapid Wien came 12 min into the 2nd half when Wober found the net after a great pass from Schrammel. Rapid Wien continued to be a better team throughout the match but gave Mattersburg too many opportunities. Mattersburg used those opportunities to score 2 goals in quick succession in 74′ and 79′ by Prevljak and Maierhofer. This could easily end up in a great win for Rapid Wien, but it ended up in a match they “lost” in the last 20 min. Despite being arguably a better team.


Wolfsberger AC – Salzburg | Half-time score: 0-1 | Full-time score: 0-2 | Our prediction: /

Both teams had a fair amount of chances in the 1st half, but only Salzburg managed to turn their chances into a goal in 29′ after Wolf passed the ball to Yabo at the edge of the box who did the rest. This opportunity gave Salzburg wings (hehe, because they are Red Bull hehe), and they took over the match, which almost got them the second goal just a few minutes after the first one. The second half continued in a similar fashion, with Salzburg dominating the home side. The 2nd goal was inevitable to be fair and it happened in the dying moments of the match (90′ by Minamino). The score was fair from we have seen from both teams, although Woldsberger could use their opportunities better.


LASK Linz – Admira | Half-time score: 2-0 | Full-time score: 3-0 | Our prediction: Under 2.75 goals

Despite a huge win by the home side, a closer result would be fairer. To be fair, Admira did not do much in the 1st half, as they showed little to no interest in attacking the net. This resulted in 2 goals by 31′ from Bruno (10′) and Ullmann (31′). Admira seemed to choose a defensive playstyle, which was a problem when they conceived a goal. Admira finally woke up in 2nd half and created some great chances, but because of the poor finishing, they were denied a goal. LASK was in a much better place in the 2nd half as they only had to defend their lead and they managed to do much more than that. In 64′ Michorl scored the 3rd goal for LASK after a counterattack. This match had a lot of chances, but Admira just weren’t lucky enough to get a goal of their own. Nonetheless, LASK was a slightly better team and deserved a win, despite a lower margin would be fairer as mentioned before.