Austrian Bundesliga 2017/18 Round 2 Review

Austrian Bundesliga 2017/18 Round 2 Review

Austrian Bundesliga 2017/18 Round 2 Review

Salzburg – Lask Linz

Salzburg was a better team in the 1st half, having more possession and using the ball more efficiently, on the other hand, LASK had no other option but to play more defensively. Despite the “domination” from the home side, they only managed to score 1 goal in 42′ by Hee-Chan. Second half was a completely different picture, with LASK showing his other face and approached the game in a more attacking fashion. This led to more entertaining and open game. After some missed chances, LASK got their equalizer in 56′ by Ramsebner. The match itself was not as entertaining as it could be. There were only 4 shots on goals total, which could easily be because of the approach both teams chose. On one side Salzburg tried to control the match with their possession and on the other side Lask gave their all to defend the net and were hoping for a chance in counter-attacks. Due to a good defensive effort from LASK, Salzburg did not get a chance to get into the penalty area, so they decided to try from the long range. As mentioned before, 2nd half was more open, due to change in playstyle from the visiting team, despite that neither team had any promising chances, so they had to be satisfied with a point each. Arguably, Salzburg was a better team and should deserve a win, however not always is it the case that the “better” team wins the match in the end.


St. Polten – Rapid Wien

St. Polten suffered a high defeat against Rapid Vienna on 29th of July. Despite the high score (1:4), it was arguably a fair result as the visitors were a better team. Rapid Wien left their mark with 2 quick goals towards the end of the 1st half (37′ and 42′), which left them in a comfortable position for the remainder of the 45 minutes. These two goals were the result of a better attacking approach from Vienna, which put a lot of pressure on Polten. Vienna also held the ball for the majority of the match, so they gave Polten little to none chances to build up a quality attack of their own. Despite Vienna missing some good chances, they still managed to get a 2 goal lead in 37′ by Murg with a goal inside the penalty box and in 42′, when Kuen scored a goal with a tiny bit of luck involved. St. Polten started 2nd half much more promising compared to the 1st half. They started to attack the opponents’ net and got a few chances of their own. In 69′ they finally managed to break Vienna’s defense and scored a goal for 1-2 from a fantastic header from Schutz. This put Vienna in an uncomfortable position as their lead was in danger. However, only 12 minutes after the goal from Polten, we saw Vienna scoring their 3rd goal after a mistake from Petrovic. The 3rd goal more or less sealed the win for the visitors. Polten’s rate of work dropped a bit after going back 2 goals again and that resulted in another late goal for Rapid Vienna in 90’+1 by Keles. As mentioned before, the score is a fair indicator of how well the teams played. Rapid Vienna deserved the win without the doubt in this fixture.


Mattersburg – Wolfsberger

Mattersburg got their 3 points in front of their own fans in a match against Wolfsberger with the only goal in the match. The match was quite even, with a slightly better performance from Mattersburg. The only goal had some controversy behind it as it was arguably scored in the offside position, on the other side, Wolfsberger should have been awarded a free kick. Despite that, the score is fair from what we have seen from both teams. As mentioned before, the match started off quite even, which resulted in an entertaining match. Despite even possession, neither of the teams were able to create a promising attack, sadly there was no creativity and vision in the attack shown from the teams. This went on until 33′ when Wolfsberger lost the ball in the midfield and this was the controversial moment as some may say Wolfsberger should be awarded a free kick, but that was not the case. The game went on and Mattersburg got a great chance in a counterattack which Maierhofer successfully utilized and scored a goal from the penalty area. The replay showed he was in offside, but the goal was allowed nonetheless. Second half was slower compared to 1st half, with neither of the teams showing anything promising, mostly due to inaccurate passes from both sides. Mattersburg came off as a more threatening team towards the end of the match, but Wolfsberger managed to defend the net with succession. It was a quite bold decision from the home side, as a simple mistake could easily lead to a counter attack and a goal for Wolfsberger, but that was not the case.  We saw Wolfsberger trying to equalize, but it was all more or less over when they lost a man in 88′ when Ouedraogo was sent off. In my opinion, Mattersburg deserved the win, as they performed better, despite the fact that the only goal being scored from the offside.


Austria Wien – Sturm Graz

Austria Vienna suffered a home defeat against Sturm Graz in a 5 goal match. The match started off with Sturm having more chances, despite Vienna having more possession. Sturm wasted a few chances but finally scored a goal in 33′ by Huspek, which gave them a great position to be in before 2nd half started. The goal from Sturm opened the match a bit, with Vienna pressing for an equalizer, but it sadly backfired as Sturm used the counter attack efficiently, scoring their 2nd goal in 56′ by Zulj. Vienna seemed to be the unlucky team here, as some of the great chances were denied by Sturm defense. It was great to see Vienna did not give up and continued attacking, which resulted in ina goal of their own, with some help from Zulj, who sadly scored an own goal. It was only fair they got a bit lucky there as luck was not on their side throughout the match. With only 1 goal separating the teams there was some hope for the home side, until a mistake from Hadzikic, who lost the ball and gave Schmid a great chance to score a goal and he did so. With that Sturm was once again 2 goals ahead. In 88′ Vienna was awarded a penalty kick after a foul by Hierlander, who brought down Prokop. Holzhauser used the penalty to reduce the lead to 1 goal, but it was too late for Vienna to come back. The match was entertaining to watch and a draw would be a fairer result. Sadly for Vienna they suffered their 2nd defeat in this season with a final score 2-3.


Admira – Rheindorf Altach

Admira arguably won the match in the 1st half with an excellent performance and 3 goals in 19′, 22′ and 45’+1. Despite the numbers seen in the final score, Admira started the match slow and Altach looking as the better team. Altach had more of the ball at the start but were unable to utilize it. The first real chance came from attack from Admira’s attack, but Sax was denied an early goal by Netzer. Only 6 minutes after we saw Grozurek scoring the 1st goal of the match, after a mistake in Altach defense, putting his team in the 1-0 lead. 3 minutes later, Admira extended their lead to 2 goals after a great shot from the edge of the penalty box from Sax, who made up for “missed” chance earlier in the match. The 2 goal lead put Altach in a bad spot, on the other hand, Admira looked comfortable with the ball, denying Altach attacking chances with ease. It seemed as the teams would go into 2nd half with the score 2-0. but Admira surprised Altach with the 3rd goal in stoppage time, after the ball luckily deflected into the net. In the 2nd half, we saw Altach struggling to create any promising chances. As it seems the pressure got to them. On the other side, Admira continued to play their game, using the ball efficiently and creating good chances and preventing Altach to do the same. Altach got their 1st goal in 78′ from the penalty after Aigner fell in the penalty box. The goal did not make much difference, as Altach still struggled with possession. Admira only had to hold on to the lead, but they chose to keep pressing, which in the end resulted in their 4th goal right at the end of the match (90’+3) by Toth. The end result 4-1 was fair, as Altach was simply a class under Admira.


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