ATP Wimbledon 2019 – Betting Preview and Prediction

ATP Wimbledon 2019 - Betting Preview and Prediction

ATP Wimbledon 2019 – Betting Preview and Prediction

The oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world is in full swing, with 128 of the best tennis players going head-to-head in their respective quarters, in hopes to overcome their opponents and finish on the top with a title and the trophy in their hands.



Wimbledon; where only the best succeed

As the oldest tennis tournament in the history of the sport, Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, with the other being Australian Open, French Open and US Open. Ever since 1988, Wimbledon is also the only major that is still played on grass. As a tournament which is played on grass, it should not come off as a surprise that 23 out of 29 Wimbledon winners since 1990 have played a grass-court tournament between the French Open and the start of Championship. The only 3 exceptions are Djokovic (2011/14/15), Federer (2007/09) and Agassi (1992). Considered extremely hard to win, there are also statistics which prove the claim that only the best players in the world get to succeed in Wimbledon.

Out of 29 winners since 1990, 25 were top 8 seeds, with 24 being a top 4 seed. Additionally, 22 out of 29 runners-up were top 8 seeds and 17 out of 29 were top 4.



Novak Djokovic returns for his 5th title

Coming into the tournaments, all eyes are on Novak Djokovic who is hoping to lift the Wimbledon’s trophy for the 5th time in his career and for the 2nd time in a row, however, he won’t be the only one with the same intentions. The most successful player at the Wimbledon, Roger Federer will look for his 9th title, which was taken from him last season, when he lost against Anderson in the quarterfinals. Then there is also Rafael Nadal, who will look to grab his 3rd Wimbledon title and the 2nd major title of 2019, after his win in French Open.



Three favorites, only one title

Not surprisingly, the three favorites to win at Wimbledon are the same three players who have been dominating the tennis game for the past years. To be fair, Djokovic, Federer and Nadal are always among the favorites to win any major tournament, with a slight chance for an upset win from an underdog.

Looking at the 1st quarter, we have got two of the top 4 seeds; Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas, joined by Felix Auger Alissime and Daniil Medvedev as 3rd and 4th favorite to win the quarter. Putting the 4 players side by side, there is no denying Djokovic is the man to beat and at the same time the player who is a class above all of his competition. Stefanos Tsitsipas, who is considered to be the toughest match for Djokovic in the 1st quarter does not perform well enough on grass for us to consider him a real threat. So when it comes to a question of who will win the 1st quarter, Novak Djokovic possesses just too much quality to be considered anything less than a winner.

Rafael Nadal, who will start off his campaign in the 3rd quarter is just like Djokovic considered the favorite to walk away as the winner. However, we have got our doubts about his chances to live up to the expectations. What has put us off from betting on Nadal is the fact that he has reached the semi-finals in Wimbledon only once since 2011. This alone makes us wonder if he can compete for the title, and furthermore if he can even win the 3rd quarter. Even if he can, the odds offered on him are simply too low for us to consider it.

Lastly, we have to look at Roger Federer, who will appear in the 4th quarter. Looking at the opponents he will face off against, there should not even be a question about if he will reach the final stages of the tournament, but rather how fast he will do so. As the most dominant player in Wimbledon’s history, Federer has won 90 out of 98 matches here since 2003. In other words, the road to the finals should be a walk in the park for Federer, however, when it comes to winning it all, he will have to overcome one huge hurdle, which goes by the name Novak Djokovic.



Federer’s 9th title of Djokovic’s 5th?

Two of the most dominant players in the tennis world and without a doubt the two most dominant players at Wimbledon in recent years, Federer and Djokovic are expected to climb to the top, where they will once again meet in the finals of a major tournament, hoping to improve their h2h record and claim the most prestigious title in the world of tennis. Should it come to a Federer v Djokovic final, our money would be on the Serbian to continue his incredible form and cement himself as the no.1 in the world. The last time Federer and Djokovic met in Wimbledon’s finals was in 2015, when we saw Djokovic walking away with a hard-fought 7-6, 6-7, 6-4 and 6-3 win over the Swiss, who had to admit defeat to Djokovic for the 2nd Wimbledon final in a row. Will the 2019 Wimbledon be the 3rd time Federer loses to Djokovic is yet to be seen, however, if the two players meet in the finals, we will trust history to repeat itself.

Prediction: Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon 2019
Odds: 2.45 5Dimes, 2.37 Bet365, 2.20 Pinnacle


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