Athletics – Men’s 100m – RIO 2016


Every since the final event in 2012 Olympics, there has been one thing in the back of the athletes minds; 2016 Olympics in Rio. The time seemed like it just flew by, and now we are getting really close to the event every person in the world knows of.  The tradition of the best athletes in the world facing off against each other has been around since ancient Greece, and we can expect that tradition to be around for time to come.

In last four years the athletes that were competing in 2012 grew even stronger and faster, and we can expect to see some new faces of newly discovered talents. And there is always one question in the minds of the athletes and of course the spectators “Will we able to see a new world record?”. If you ask me, there are good chances we can see just that in Men’s sprint, but we will have to wait and see for ourselves.

In this preview, we will focus on Men’s 100m sprint. This is one of the most entertaining events in my eyes, despite only lasting about 10 seconds. Well, if you are Usain Bolt, then you would be done in 9.58sec, which is the current world record he holds. This year Usain Bolt has a respectable opponent waiting for him on the track, and that is Gatlin. Bolt and Gatlin are without a doubt favourites to win this years 100m sprint.

Usain Bolt has proven to be an undisputed number one, when it comes to 100m sprint, and has held that name for quite some time now. The Jamaican has suffered a minor injury a few weeks ago, but that did not stop him from winning the 200m in London Diamond League. So it seems, the injury had not set him back, not one bit. He also stated, he feels he is in the best shape in his career, and there are little to none people, who would argue with that.

The main problem I see is, that he needs to avoid an injury throughout the Olympics. If he manages to do that, there is also another obstacle in front of him, if he wishes to win. The “main” rivals Gatlin and Bromwell are two of the main opponents he needs to defeat.

My prediction might surprise you, but I will go against what most people think and say that Usain Bolt won’t win. The injury is one of my main concerns, as he will most likely not give 110% just to risk an serious injury, which would prevent him to finish this year’s Olympics. Also his opponents, such as Gatlin (who has set this year’s fastest time of 9.8) and Bromwell (9.84) are in a great shape and just might surprise the world’s fastest man.

Prediction: Lay Usain Bolt To Win (Bolt to not win)
Odds: 1.70