Formula 1 – Hungarian Grand Prix

Hungarian Grand Prix

This weekend we will have a chance to see the best drivers of F1 face off just outside the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Hungary has had it’s first Grand prix taking place in 1930s. But due to the World War II and building of the Iron Curtain, it was not until 1960s, that motorsport found it place in this country. In 1980s there was a general wish for a Grand Prix to be held in Hungary, but Soviet Union was strongly against that, stating that race should be held in Moscow. After long negotiations, in summer of 1983 the decision was made and Grand Prix was back in Budapest, Hungary. That put the country back on the motorsport global map.


At first it was suggested that the track would be build through the city of Budapest, but in the end the decision was, to build a new circuit in a valley just outside of Budapest. The valley provides natural vantage points for spectators and it is a spectacular sight nor the less. The track, we see today was finished in 1986 and it has held its first Formula One event in August that year, with 200,000 fans showing up. The track is well known, as it has held many memorable races, but in my opinion two of them are worth mentioning here. Thierry Bousten’s win in 1990, beating Ayrton Senna by 0.3 seconds, and of course well known race even for younger Formula One fanatics in 1997. In this race Damon Hill passed Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari, only to have his win taken away from him due to mechanical failure on the very last lap.


First grand Prix: 1986
Number of laps: 69
Circuit Length: 4.381 km
Race Distance: 302.249 km
Lap Record: 1:19.071 Michael Schumacher (2004)


Lewis Hamilton is a changed man, or does it just seem like it? After a stunning victory in British Grand Prix, he has decided just to “chill” on his yacht instead of celebrating his victory with a party. He might have realised that constant partying might had a effect on his driving, as well as his good image and took a more professional approach in his career. For now he seem focused on his goal, and that is to win the championship once more. With only 1 point separating him from Nico Rosberg, Hungarian Grand Prix offers him a great opportunity to take the top position in standings. But let’s not get carried away, because it won’t be as easy as it seems for the British racer, as he is not the only racer on the track that can be a serious competitor for the 1st place. Quite frankly, the Hungaroring, is one of a few tracks that does not suit Mercedes cars. Mercedes have yet to win this race since the sport switched to V6 hybrid engines. You might think it’s just “bad luck” behind that, but let’s be fair, it’s just not the track they excel on. The weather is promising temperatures in the 30s, which means the circumstances are great for the cars with higher drag factor in their design, but greater downforce will tend benefit. This sets up a perfect scene for the two Red Bull drivers, and I believe Max Verstappen will have a chance to show off his talent. With that a podium finish should not slip away from him. The 18 year old driver has managed to grab his 3rd podium finish this season, with 2nd place showing at British Grand Prix and he will look to keep his momentum going when he races at Hungaroring. With that, he can definitely surprise us this week and might just finish 1st.

Prediction: Max Verstappen To Finish Top 3 (podium finish)
Odds: 1.80 Betfair (you can get better odds on euro bookies)