Formula 1

Formula 1 – Monaco Grand Prix 2017

Formula 1 - Monaco Grand Prix 2017

Formula 1 – Monaco Grand Prix 2017

This weekend F1 travels to a beautiful city of Monaco, where we will watch the best drivers from across the globe racing against each other in hopes to win in one of the races that is one of the most desirable to win for any racer and rightfully so. It is a very complex race that requires a lot of skill and precision to finish.

Anyone who is familiar with the race can tell you it’s a race that gives little to none possibilities of overtaking as racers drive on a very narrow road. But the part of the race that is the most known for F1 fans and of course racers themselves is Portier corner. It’s widely known as a corner that can decide the outcome of the race and a simple mistake can end with the car crashing into the barrier. With that in mind, only the most skillful drivers can drive through Portier corner near perfection, and even those ended their race at this part (Schumacher, Senna).

Due to the reason this Monaco track gives so little possibilities of overtaking, qualifications are crucial for winning the race. After the qualifying race, we saw Raikkonen taking the 1st place, with Vettel and Bottas at 2nd and 3rd. As surprising as it seems, Hamilton did not have a great run in the qualifying race as he finished in 14th place. He has had some problems with his tire setup during the practice, but the result that he put up in qualifying was not expected. Assumingly he had problems with his car, as he repeatedly told his team over the radio. Sadly enough he has not an almost impossible mission to win his 3rd Monte Carlo race.

Taking all into consideration, I believe Vettel sees a great opportunity to win this race and increase his lead over Hamilton in standings even further. And an experienced driver as Vettel surely won’t let this opportunity go to waste. In the qualifying round, we saw a “little mistake” from Vettel which arguably cost him 1st place. If he can learn from it and drive the rest of the track as he can, I see no reason why we won’t see him lifting the trophy.

Prediction: Vettel to win
Odds:  1.72 Bet365


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